Richard Dumala and Sylvia Verhaegen-TingleProject coordinators Richard Dumala and Sylvia Verhaegen-Tingle pose in the University Computer Centre newly-renovated ground floor lab.

Open house to celebrate computer lab renovation

Renovations to the ground floor of the University Computer Centre provide additional space for student collaboration, says Bala Kathiresan, executive director of IT Services.

“The previous design, with banks of workstations, wasn’t functional anymore,” he says. “Most of the students bring their own devices, so we needed to make the space appropriate for the way they work now.”

The new layout features tables and benches reclaimed from the Thirsty Scholar pub as it underwent its own reconstruction. It provides upholstered booth seating areas, an upgraded wireless signal to accommodate a higher density of users, and both regular and USB power outlets.

In addition, workstations hold 27 high-speed computers with common software applications, access to the Internet, e-mail and laser printing in colour or black and white.

“It adds to the options students have for collaborative work spaces,” Kathiresan says. “If the design is well-received, we will consider changing more of the remaining spaces to similar purpose.”

An open house reception to celebrate the opening of the renovated computer lab will run noon to 1 p.m. on Wednesday, March 19.