UWindsor USB driveThis UWindsor USB drive awaits student Natalie Gosseling as the reward for her knowledge of the University’s history.

Student matches campus buildings to namesakes for contest victory

Natalie Gosselin, a fourth-year student of biological sciences, won this week’s DailyNews quiz contest and its fabulous prize of a beautiful lanyard-mounted USB drive.

Gosselin’s entry was drawn from all those which correctly matched the campus buildings to the contributions of their namesakes, as a UWindsor president, chancellor or benefactor. Several respondents apparently missed the hint that specified the answers would be shoe-horned to fit three in each category. The desired answers were presidents Ron Ianni, Eugene Carlisle LeBel, J. Francis Leddy; chancellors Charles Clark, Eric Jackman, Ed Lumley; and benefactors Leonard and Dorothy Neal, Edmond and Louis Odette, Anthony Toldo.

To help celebrate the University of Windsor’s 50th anniversary, DailyNews will run a contest at the beginning of each week, offering a prize donated by the University Bookstore. This week’s prize, a beautiful lanyard-mounted USB drive, with a capacity of eight gigabytes and the strap bearing the UWindsor logo, is available for purchase from the Bookstore kiosk in the CAW Student Centre at a cost of just $10.95.