"Visitor Parking" sign in front of garageThe campus parking garage will not staff its kiosk over the summer months.

Staffing change prompts revised guest parking procedure

The parking garage will change its procedure for pre-paid guest parking over the summer, reports Campus Parking Services, as the kiosk will be unstaffed starting May 1.

“For the volume of use the garage will have, it is not economical for us to staff the kiosk,” says parking services manager Laurie Butler-Grondin. “Luckily, our new equipment is installed to allow it to operate for the summer.”

Permit holders already using the garage will see no change, and occasional users will be able to pay for their parking on exit. The only real change will be for guests who are provided complimentary parking by host departments.

Butler-Grondin has circulated a memo to campus departments explaining the change in procedure. Departments who wish to provide free parking must contact the office of Campus Parking Services to purchase the appropriate exit passes, and distribute them to the guests before they leave.

“It’s not a huge change, but we want to make sure everyone is comfortable with it before it is implemented May 1,” Butler-Grondin says.

To arrange provision of complimentary parking for guests, contact her office at 519-253-3000, ext. 2413, or e-mail kmcqueen@uwindsor.ca.