campus parking garageThe campus parking garage will open to employee permit holders Tuesday.

One day left for employees to ensure they have their permits for new parking allocations

UWindsor faculty and staff will need to use their newly-assigned parking permits and gate access cards tomorrow—Tuesday, August 26.

The opening of the parking garage at the corner of Wyandotte and Sunset streets and the closure of several surface lots will take effect on that date. Employee permit holders affected by the changes received permits and gate access cards for their newly-assigned lots over the last year.

“Permit holders whose lot assignments have changed will find on August 26th that they no longer have access to their previous parking spots,” says Anna Kirby, executive director of Campus Services. “We are working to minimize the disruption and ask for the patience and cooperation of our clients during the transition.”

She says that the short-term pain will be worth the long-term gain.

“Now that the campus community has had a chance to see the University’s master plan, everyone can understand the reasoning behind the parking re-assignment,” Kirby says. “The exciting public spaces and learning commons will enhance the experience for students, employees and visitors.”

The employee entrance is accessible from California Avenue; Sunset Street is for visitors. All users may use either exit.

Direct any questions or concerns to the Campus Parking office at 519-253-3000, ext. 2413. View the Campus Master Plan document, including design concepts, at