Ashley SpinaAshley Spina, a first year student in digital journalism, listens to presentations during orientation for new students in inter-faculty programs, Wednesday in Chrysler Hall North.

Program sessions provide academic orientation

Program orientation was helpful to Jonathan Nari—even helping him decide on major and minor courses of study. A first-year student in the arts and sciences program, Mari said hearing from senior students Wednesday convinced him to pursue a degree combining biochemistry and French.

“They gave us a lot of useful student tips,” he said. “They talked about everything from the student services available to good places to eat.”

Martha Lee, assistant provost for inter-faculty programs, said the preparatory day allows new students a more comfortable start to their university careers.

“We try to give them an extra boost of enthusiasm and an opportunity to meet their fellow students and some of their instructors,” she said.

Daniel Tarade, a fourth-year student who heads up the Arts and Sciences Club, said his aim in preparing orientation activities was to give newcomers “a sense of how large this place really is.”

He said the key is to have fun and make friends, which he recalls from his own experience.

“I feel like I’m coming full circle,” Tarade said. “During my first orientation, I got to meet so many people that now are a fixture in my life.”