woman wearing T-shirtThis limited edition T-shirt is one of the incentives available to supporters of campus community radio station CJAM-FM.

Campus radio station wrapping up pledge drive

After redefining the radio dial for more than 30 years, campus community station CJAM continues to rely on listener support for its unique programming, says manager Vern Smith.

The station has almost completed its annual pledge drive, which he regards as vital to its operations.

“We serve people and groups within the community who are under-represented by mainstream media,” Smith says. “We cannot exist without the generous support and donations of our listeners.”

In exchange for gifts, the station offers incentives that include a limited-edition T-shirt by designer Greg Maxwell, music recordings, and prize packs from local businesses.

The pledge drive began October 31 and will finish on November 8. To make a contribution, phone 519-971-3630 or visit CJAM’s website.