mosaic of facesA documentary film premiering tonight explores the multicultural experiences of the local community.

Students share exploration of Windsor’s multiculturalism

Digital journalism students will premiere their documentary film investigation of Windsor’s multiculturalism on Monday, March 30, at a free event, The Mosaic: Windsor’s Diversity.

The class, led by instructor Marty Gervais, put questions to community members about their experiences of moving to and living in Windsor.

“Windsor is the fourth-most diverse city in Canada,” says Sarah Lau, promotions manager for the program website “Although we see different cultures every day, do we ever truly take the time to know the stories behind these faces? Our program believes it’s important to be well-versed with diversity in Windsor and listen to these unique stories.”

Tonight’s event includes an exhibit and starts at 6 p.m. in Katzman Lounge, Vanier Hall.

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