Shijing Xu, Mary Mettilin MariyathasEducation professor Shijing Xu (right) poses with teacher candidate Mary Mettilin Mariyathas, one of the participants in this year’s Reciprocal Learning trip to Southwest University in Chongqing, China.

Comparison of Chinese and Canadian education receives federal funding support

UWindsor education professor Shijing Xu is among 150 new and renewed Canada Research Chairs , Minister of State for Science and Technology.

Dr. Xu, Canada Research Chair in International and Intercultural Reciprocal Learning in Education, will build on her previous work, comparing and contrasting Canadian and Chinese education in such a way that the cultural narratives of each provide frameworks for understanding and appreciating educational similarities and differences.

Her program will seek to answer these questions:

  • How different and similar are Chinese Confucian and Western educational systems and practices?
  • How are school practices and student accomplishments functions of socio-cultural narratives?
  • What can we learn reciprocally from each other as global issues continue to come to the forefront in educational planning and practice?

The results of these studies will aim to make an impact on public educational discourse, policy and practice.

Holder said the investment will help promote research and development and will support top-tier talent at Canadian postsecondary institutions.

“Our government’s Canada Research Chairs Program develops, attracts and retains top talent researchers whose research, in turn, creates long-term social and economic benefits while training the next generation of students and researchers in Canada,” he said.

Thursday’s announcements totalled $139 million, with an additional 7.6 million in infrastructure support provided by the Canada Foundation for Innovation.

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