Nabila Sharieff, Matthew Steckle and Daniel TaradeNabila Sharieff, Matthew Steckle and Daniel Tarade were among the graduating Outstanding Scholars attending a luncheon in their honour Friday.

Luncheon honours Outstanding Scholars graduates

“The program is invaluable, I received firsthand training, gained relevant work experience, and made exceptional connections,” explained Matthew Steckle, a chemistry student.

Arts and sciences majors Steckle and Daniel Tarade are two graduates in this year’s class of Outstanding Scholars. The program gives top students scholarship support and an opportunity to work directly with faculty on academic projects, from research to administrative functions.

Steckle and Tarade worked with biochemistry professor Siyaram Pandey, evaluating synthetic analogues of the anti-cancer compound combretastatin. The experience has geared them with practical hands-on experience, away from mere theory and traditional classrooms.

The program has inspired engineering student Nabila Sharieff to seek a professional future in the energy sector, and to continue her career as a project manager.

“Aside from the academic knowledge and having the chance to work with capable mentors, I learned many new skills, like technical writing and project management skills,” said Sharieff.

Barbara Niewitecka, coordinator of the Outstanding Scholars program, explained the program’s uniqueness by emphasizing the ability for students to choose the program they desire from any of the university’s faculties. It also gives students the opportunity to discover their potential and passion.

The luncheon gave instructors and administrators an opportunity to congratulate the graduates and to hear their future plans. Learn more on the program’s website.