Drama students surround Nina RussellDrama students surround Nina Russell, who accepted free tickets to the current University Players show on behalf of her colleagues in the Office of the Registrar.

Drama students give thanks to registrarial staff

Saying he has never left the office without having a problem solved, drama student society president Billy Chandler led a delegation Wednesday to show appreciation for the work of the University’s registrar’s office by presenting its staff with complimentary tickets to the current University Players production, Anna in the Tropics.

“I have never walked into the Registrar’s office and been greeted with anything other than a smile and helpful, friendly staff,” Chandler said.

It marked the start of a new project for Club SODA, which plans to show appreciation to different campus service offices through the year.

“As students in a university with so many exceptional staff, part of our responsibility must be thanking those that make everything possible: from those who teach us, to those who keep us organized, and those who make sure that our campus stays beautiful and clean,” said Chandler. “Going to university is an incredible opportunity, but it is so important to stop, take a breath, and say Thank you.” 

Anna in the Tropics runs this weekend and next in Essex Hall Theatre. For tickets or showtimes, phone the box office at 519-253-3000, ext. 2808.