Zack Grosh, Taylor Hansaruk and Billy ChandlerTaylor Hansaruk of the UwinCARD office (centre) accepts a certificate of appreciation from drama students Zack Grosh and Billy Chandler.

Campus ID office provides valuable service, say thankful acting students

Even service areas that students must interact with seldom in their university careers are valuable, says Billy Chandler, president of the drama student society Club SODA. He led a delegation Thursday presenting complimentary theatre tickets to the staff of the UwinCARD office.

“It is easier to show appreciation for those we constantly deal with, but it is important to thank those who make our lives run smoothly, even if we are only lucky enough to see them two or three times in our student careers,” he said. “Their impact on our experience is just as profound as those who we pass every day in other positions.”

The staffers received free admission to the current University Players production, Blithe Spirit. The play’s run continues through November 8 in the Hatch Studio Theatre, Jackman Dramatic Art Centre. Find tickets at or by calling the box office at 519-253-3000, ext. 2808.