Cross-disciplinary programs to be overseen by academic faculties

Because interdisciplinarity has become so thoroughly integrated across campus, the University no longer needs dedicated body to administer inter-faculty programs, provost Douglas Kneale said Thursday in announcing that programs currently housed in the Centre for Inter-Faculty Programs will be administered by the faculties of education; science; and arts, humanities, and social sciences.

The programs themselves will continue in their present form, Dr. Kneale wrote in a message to the campus community, but effective May 1:

  • Anthrozoology, Arts and Science, Digital Journalism, and the new PhD in Argumentation will move to FAHSS;
  • Organizational Learning and Teaching will move to Education; and
  • Environmental Studies and Forensics will move to Science.

“The Centre for Inter-Faculty Programs was created in 2003 to house programs that lacked a parent faculty,” Kneale said. “In the decade and more since then, a lot has changed, and now that faculties are bringing the above programs into their tents, the main reason for running the centre no longer exists.”

Lydia Miljan will continue as assistant provost during the transition.