Ashley QuintonHost Ashley Quinton will feature the work of digital journalism students on the30news - Radio Edition, debuting today on CJAMfm.

Radio program to provide outlet for digital journalism students

A program debuting today on CJAM campus-community radio will feature the work of digital journalism students, discussing their current projects and interviewing newsmakers on campus and in the broader community.

The program, entitled “the30news - Radio Edition,” is the brainchild of alumna Ashley Quinton (BA 2016), now a master’s student in communication and social justice. She will host the show for the fall semester before handing it off to a new student host in the new year.

“I want it to be a timely source of news and information that’s entertaining too,” Quinton says. “For example, there will be a news quiz based on each week’s headlines.”

Professor Blake Roberts, chair of the digital journalism program, says the show makes a great addition to its news website,

“Having an over-the-air radio station is a tremendous asset for the university, the community and our students,” he says. “The30news - Radio Edition provides DJ students with another venue to display their journalism and an opportunity to learn new skills.”

The half-hour program runs every Friday at noon. CJAM broadcasts at 99.1 FM.