Katrina Hermle and Catherine Muldoon pose with undead fire chief Bruce MontoneVolunteers Katrina Hermle and Catherine Muldoon pose with undead fire chief Bruce Montone during Saturday’s conference on surviving the zombie apocalypse.

UWindsor zombie conference prepares attendees for the apocalypse

The Interdisciplinary Approaches to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse tackled all things zombies on Friday and Saturday, October 29 and 20.

The conference, brainchild of professor Lydia Miljan, discussed the way in which people cope during a crisis, using the metaphor of the zombie apocalypse.

Zombies are a cultural phenomenon which enthralls and repulses a wide demographic, as attested by the different age cohorts attending the event, Dr. Miljan said. Children and adults attended presentations and workshops discussing end-of-the-world scenarios. Drama students taught people how to apply blood splatter, while biology students acted as distressed doctors requiring assistance in identifying the “zombie bug.”

Mary Brownlie, database administrator and second degree black belt in Isshinryu Karate, held an introductory workshop on the kubotan, an unassuming weapon which aids in self-defence. Derek Prowse and Matthew Watters introduced participants to the concept of food security, discussing the post-apocalyptic meal consisting of squirrel pie and weed soup.

In a presentation entitled “The Ark of the Academy,” Michigan State University professor Glenn Stutzky pointed out that planet earth as we know it is the result of mass extinctions and dying species, and he asked his audience if humans would survive a catastrophe.

In a workshop on emergency preparedness, Windsor fire chief Bruce Montone instructed participants on how to make an emergency kit, and stressed the importance of remembering to plan for house pets.

The conference ended with prize giveaways and a concert by the Brandy Alexanders.

—article and photo by Loren Mastracci