Rainbow Rhythm and Rhyme graphicThe “Rainbow Rhythm and Rhyme” poetry slam will address issues of sexual and gender identity, Tuesday in the CAW Student Centre.

Poetry Slam to give voice to LGBTQ+ community on campus

The UWindsor student group Get Real will host a poetry slam titled “Rainbow Rhythm and Rhyme” on Tuesday, November 29, 5 to 7 p.m. in the CAW Student Centre Commons.

The poetry will revolve around topics such as LGBTIQ+, gender, and intersectionality.

“Our mission is to defeat homophobia and bullying and promote inclusive language,” says the group’s president Victoria Pedri, “It is also about self-expression, arts, and entertainment.”

While homophobia is an issue present on campus and in the community, Pedri says many people are actively fighting it.

“I believe a lot of the problem lies within our language and a larger misunderstanding of gender and the LGBTQ+ community,” says Pedri, “It’s why education, inclusive language, and kindness are so important to our mission.”

—Loren Mastracci