Dora Cavallo-MedvedShe loves working with students, says biology professor Dora Cavallo-Medved, recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award from the University of Windsor Students’ Alliance.

Undergraduate student alliance honours students and faculty

Biology professor Dora Cavallo-Medved was honoured to receive the University of Windsor Students’ Alliance (UWSA) Excellence in Teaching Award and says working with students is a bonus in a job she already loves.

“To know that this award is coming from the students is phenomenal, and it gives me the incentive to keep doing what I’m doing,” says Dr. Cavallo-Medved. “I love working with these students and I enjoy seeing them succeed, so this is the icing on the cake.”

Third-year biology student Youshaa El-Abed says he nominated Cavallo-Medved because she contributes so much to the lives of the students with her continuous effort to engage students both in and out of the classroom.

“Dr. Cavallo-Medved has been a great role model and has inspired so many students, including myself, to go on to do great things in life,” says El-Abed. “She has the unique talent of seeing the potential in everyone and encouraging them to be engaged in their education and to flourish.”

Cavallo-Medved says she values her relationship with her students and uses undergraduate research grants to involve students directly in curriculum development.

“By creating a strong student-faculty partnership, the student becomes part of the academic process,” she says. “Helping to design labs and educational tools, they become contributors to our programs, and get to leave a legacy.”

Seven students took home UWSA awards:

  • The Ron Ianni Student of the Year Award, Victoria Pedri
  • The “Gold W” Award of Excellence, Youshaa El-Abed
  • First-year Student Award, Amanda Skocic
  • UWSA Volunteer of the Year, Edward Tang
  • Certificate of Distinction, Ghadeer AlGhosein
  • Global Village Award, Marissa Bumanlag
  • Dr. Dale Woodyard Student Volunteer, Amber Shaheen

The awards were presented at the UWSA gala on March 30.