The summer 2017 newsletter of Windsor Engineering highlights successes of its students, faculty, and alumni.

Newsletter shares successes of engineering students, faculty, and alumni

Over half the planet’s population lives with 50 miles of a coastline, says Rupp Carriveau, professor of civil and environmental engineering.

The incumbent opportunities for energy generation sparked the creation of the Offshore Energy and Storage Society, which held its fourth annual conference July 12 to 14 in Massachusetts.

The summer 2017 newsletter of the UWindsor Faculty of Engineering highlights the event, which gathered researchers from 10 countries to examine offshore energy generation and storage technology, environmental integration and expanding global markets.

“The people that are demanding the energy should have the energy generated close to them so you don’t have to transmit far,” Dr. Carriveau says. “Transmission is costly; it’s not efficient.”

The newsletter also recounts a July 20 visit to campus by members of the civil engineering class of 1967, who shared with current students lessons they learned in 50 years of professional practice.

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