Cameron BadourA video by business student Cameron Badour won a semester’s tuition in the Why Humanities? competition.

Student call for world perspective earns humanities prize

A video sharing his perspective on the humanities won a semester’s tuition for its creator, first-year business student Cameron Badour.

Badour beat out seven other finalists in the Why Humanities? competition, UWindsor president Alan Wildeman announced Friday at a pizza party wrap-up to Humanities Week.

“To me, the humanities are about stepping back and taking a look at how people … have shaped the world that we call home today,” Badour said in his video submission. “The humanities allow us to meaningfully engage with the world around us and drive a powerful future for generations to come.”

The contest is sponsored by the Humanities Research Group to point up the relevance of cultural disciplines.

HRG director Kim Nelson said she was “floored” with the quality of the entries.

“I really want to focus on getting students involved this year,” she said. “I think it’s very important we have students at the table as part of the Humanities Research Group.”

The other finalists — Rima Asfour, Marissa Bordonaro, Rebecca Marie Daoud, Alexa DiCecco, Luc Ethier, Aline May Nguyen, and Alex-Andrei Ungurenasu — will each receive passes for the Windsor International Film Festival.

Watch Badour’s winning video: