Visitors find Windsor welcoming during open house event

Just as it takes a village to raise a child, the University’s open house requires contributions from across campus to be successful, says Lionel Walsh, assistant vice president for North American recruitment.

He says Saturday’s event, which saw thousands of prospective students and their families visit, reflects the work of hundreds of students, faculty, and staff.

“We could not manage an event of this scale without buy-in from our instructors and staff, who are really the heart of the institution,” Walsh said Saturday. “The students love to meet the professors who will be teaching them, to get a sense of what an academic program might be like. And the staff in the student service areas give them an idea of campus life and the kind of supports available to them.”

Student ambassadors, able to recount their own experiences, are also key to making connections, he said.

“We as employees can stand in front of a group and tell them what it’s like here, but there’s no comparison with hearing it from a peer, maybe one or two years away from where you are,” said Walsh.

He noted that staff from Food Services to grounds also help set the tone for what will be a first experience of UWindsor for most visitors.

“What really what makes your guests feel welcome is the personal touch,” Walsh said. “A smile and a greeting — Windsor’s warmth comes through even in November.”

See a video from the day on the UWindsor Facebook page.