Brianna LunardiEarth and environmental science major Brianna Lunardi won an award for best presentation on the subject of “Healthy Great Lakes” at the UWill Discover conference.

Conference highlights student discovery and scholarship

Wetland ecosystems are protected under federal law, but determining their boundaries can vary, depending on the background and training of the evaluator, says Brianna Lunardi, a student of earth and environmental science.

Her study into this variability took top honours in the “Healthy Great Lakes” category at the UWill Discover conference, March 22 and 23 in the CAW Student Centre.

“Diagnostic features such as soil type, vegetation, and hydrology are often used to define where a wetland begins or ends,” Lunardi says. “I will collect and analyze data to determine the diagnostic features and scales that evaluators are using to delineate wetlands.”

Her presentation was one of more than 100 highlighting research, scholarship, and creative activity by UWindsor undergraduate students, said conference organizer Phillipe Wernette.

“This year’s conference was an outstanding success,” he said. “We will build on it as the first step in expanding the conference to highlight student discovery and achievement by students in all disciplines and in connecting with the broader Windsor-Essex community.”

Judges awarded prizes in several categories, representing the strategic research priorities of the university:

  • Lunardi’s Collecting Data for a Machine Learning Approach to Wetland Delineation for “Healthy Great Lakes;”
  • Isometric Handgrip Exercise: Does Device Matter? by Stephanie Rose Chauvin, Nicholas Caruana, Logan Shea, Olivia Sanders, Dave M. Andrews, Kevin J. Milne, and Cheri L. McGowan for “Viable, Healthy, and Safe Communities;”
  • Direct Investigation of the Supermolecular Assembly of Stretchable and self-healing Conjugated Polymers by Suendues Noori for “Sustainable Industry;” and
  • Student partner engagement in a flipped classroom by Alexa Dunn for “Understanding Borders.”

The Social and Material factors affecting access to healthcare in Windsor Essex by Jamie Nantais, Sarah Hyland, Tiffany Mos, Heather Schreiner, Felicia Varacalli, and Jennifer Hamel won a “People’s Choice” award.

Find a full list of prize winners and additional information on the conference website.

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