Michael Connelly, Shijing XuMichael Connelly of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education and UWindsor professor Shijing Xu delivered a keynote at the fifth annual conference in Changchun, China.

Conference to explore reciprocal learning in education

How do we nurture collaborative reciprocal learning between different nations, cultures, and wisdom traditions in our research programs, school education, and teacher education? What kinds of leaderships and partnerships are needed to initiate and sustain collaborative reciprocal learning across borders, boundaries, and differences?

A conference at the University of Windsor in October 2019 will explore these questions.

The sixth annual International Conference on West-East Reciprocal Learning in Education has a theme of “Reciprocal Learning as Collaborative Partnership: Global Visions, Local Practices in Education.”

Organizers aim to develop an inclusive space for educators and researchers to engage in reciprocal learning as collaborative partnership, and to share and co-create educational experiences, knowledge, and wisdom for a more harmonious, just, and democratic world.

The planning committee has issued a call for papers, with a Feb. 15 deadline for submission of a 300-word abstract. Find more details on the conference website.

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