Willistead ManorWillistead Manor is the setting for the final Let’s Talk Theatre luncheon, hosted by University Players on Wednesday, March 13.

Let’s Talk Theatre to wrap up ninth season with final luncheon at Willistead

After nine seasons, University Players is wrapping up its final Let’s Talk Theatre luncheon at Willistead Manor on Wednesday, March 13.

The luncheons began as a way to offer patrons an enriched theatre experience, inviting directors, designers, and special guests to give audiences an in-depth look at the work that goes into a University Players production.

This week, the event features director Marc Bondy along with a panel of student actors and members of the creative team, who will present some insight into the upcoming UP show, Love and Information. The show is a funny and insightful look at human interaction, written in a series of 57 short scenes that can be cast with any gender or character, and performed in any order. The result is a show that is never the same twice, scrolling by as quickly as a social media newsfeed, with as much variation in the delightful, absurd, and moving moments as we experience in everyday life.

Marketing co-ordinator Kristen Siapas says the luncheons have given audiences “the remarkable opportunity to dine in the beautiful setting of Willistead Manor and to enjoy discussions on a variety of topics related to University Players productions, as well as to meet some of Canada’s most brilliant and fascinating playwrights and designers along with our student actors.”

In the upcoming 2019-20 season, University Players will take a break from the lunch discussion series to redesign the experience for guests.

“We are excited to bring back a new series in 2020, featuring ideas brought to us through feedback from our patrons,” she says.

Love and Information opens March 22 at Essex Hall Theatre. Admission to the final Let’s Talk Theatre luncheon is $45 and tickets for the show start at $8 for faculty, staff, and students. Visit www.universityplayers.com for tickets.