Faraz Talebpour holds up a remote-controlled underwater vehicle.Doctoral student Faraz Talebpour shows off a remote-controlled underwater vehicle, one of the research projects displayed Friday in the Centre for Engineering Innovation.

Research displays highlight engineering innovation

Studying engineering at the University of Windsor has shown Faraz Talebpour his potential to make a difference.

A doctoral candidate in electrical and computer engineering, his work on a remotely controlled underwater vehicle can find immediate application on real-world challenges. It was one of more than 30 research projects displayed during an open house Friday in the Centre for Engineering Innovation.

Talebpour says his experience scuba diving has helped him to appreciate how pollution threatens aquatic ecosystems.

“Going under the water you see how we’re destroying that world,” he says. “This project can save the marine life that we have endangered.”

The small submarines can be used to detect or repair leaks in pipelines, to patrol naval borders, to monitor aquatic life, or map sea floors.

“These techniques can protect the country and the environment,” says Talebpour. “This project is really what I love to do. I want to be remembered for something good.”

His research, under the supervision of professor Shahpour Alirezaee, is a partnership with Zion Robotics and Controls. That company’s director of new business, Michael Elachkar, says the University’s engineering program has been a great source of research and development expertise.

“The most valuable thing is building a relationship between industry and academia,” says Elachkar, one of about 100 representatives of local businesses on hand for the open house.

Majid Ahmadi, associate dean of research and graduate studies for the Faculty of Engineering, says those guests help students to apply their learning.

“This annual event is a catalyst for the Faculty of Engineering to forge collaborating partnerships in research with our industrial colleagues and be a part of the solutions they are seeking to improve their products and operations,” Dr. Ahmadi says.

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