Platters of deli sandwichesDeli sandwiches, pasta, and pizza highlight the Welcome Week lunch menu from Catering Services.

Catering menu to accommodate orientation week luncheons

Catering Services has created a menu of hot and cold lunches which will provide campus clients with quick, efficient, and satisfying meals to serve groups both large and small during Welcome Week, Sept. 3 to 6, says co-ordinator Rana Chan.

“Our streamlined menu will make ordering easier for our clients at a time when everyone’s schedule is packed,” she says. “The choices will satisfy, including those with gluten-free and other dietary restrictions, and allow us to accommodate all campus groups.”

Breakfast and bakery items are available as usual. The lunch options will be delivered between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. with paper plates and napkins:

  • Penne with tomato basil sauce and garlic bread with choice of bottled water or canned pop for $7.50 per person or with garden salad for $9.50 per person.
  • Deli sandwich lunch for $8.95 per person, an assortment of deli baguettes filled with beef, turkey, egg salad, or fresh grilled vegetables, freshly baked cookie, and choice of bottled water or canned pop.
  • Cold trays to serve 15 to 20 persons offer vegetable crudités with dip for $52, hummus with pita chips for $47, or fresh fruit for $68.
  • Barbecue lunch for $8.50 per person, halal beef hotdog or Beyond Meat burger, condiments, a bag of chips, and choice of bottled water or canned pop.
  • Traditional pizzas, each 12 slices, choice of cheese $24, pepperoni $25, or vegetarian $25. Minimum order of 10 pizzas.

All orders submitted after Wednesday, Aug. 28, will incur an additional late fee of 20 per cent.

Check out the menu on the catering website. To place an order contact Chan at 519-253-3000, ext. 3276,, or Abdul Mohammed at ext. 3277,