Students shovel mulch to place around newly-planted trees in Gignac Park.Students shovel mulch to place around newly-planted trees in Gignac Park.

Windsor gets greener through the help of volunteers

The City of Windsor is getting greener thanks to a local entrepreneur and volunteers.

More than 30 volunteers — from the Odette School of Business, Price Waterhouse Cooper, the Windsor Police Service, and the community — gathered to plant 50 large trees in central Windsor’s Gignac Park.

Entrepreneur Sam Sinjari bought the trees and worked with the Essex Region Conservation (ERCA) to host the planting.

“I believe that every person in this community can create a positive impact,” says Sinjari. “There’s a proverb that says the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago — the second best time is now. Fundamentally, if we as a community want to see sustainability, success, and growth in the future of our city, the best time to act is now, together.”

Sinjari’s generosity allowed ERCA to showcase a great example of socially responsibility and giving back to our environment, says general manager Richard Wyma.

“Trees are identified as the most significant weapon in the fight against climate change, and hopefully others will be inspired by Mr. Sinjari’s leadership and generosity to undertake similar climate mitigation actions,” he says.

—Dana Roe

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