giftboxes wrapped with ribbonsThe campus campaign for Adopt-a-Family is inviting sponsors for its holiday children’s charity.

Charity campaign seeking campus support

Members of the campus community have a chance to make the holidays special for local children in need, through the Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Foundation “Adopt-a-Family” program.

The annual campaign is a tradition for UWindsor faculty and staff, says co-ordinator Sabina Howell, administrative assistant in the Office of Public Affairs and Communications.

“I know that people look forward to making this charity an important part of celebrating the holiday,” she says. “It’s a great way for us to share a common purpose and address some of the real need experienced by families in our community.”

Sponsors may choose a family as large as two parents with four kids or as small as a single parent and child. Also available for sponsorship are youths on extended care — individuals over the age of 16 years old attending school while living independently.

The foundation requests that donations focus on food and clothing in addition to toys, as these items are often difficult for families to afford. Potential sponsors will receive profiles of family members and a list of their wishes.

At this stage, all Howell is looking for are expressions of interest from offices and individuals. She invites those interested to email her at