Research and Innovation Services available during work-from-home

The University of Windsor’s Office of Research and Innovation Services continues to support faculties and researchers over the duration of the COVID-19 outbreak — available online, by email, and through Teams to answer questions, review applications, help navigate the pre- and post-award systems, and to meet important funding deadlines.

For any new grants being submitted, team members continue to require a completed ORIS form, which is now set up for digital signatures from all approvers.

Research Finance will also be continuing to provide support online to ensure research activities are properly accounted for financially and that all required financial reporting to agencies is completed on a timely basis.

The Office of the Vice President, Research and Innovation has provided a directory of information online. Faculties and researchers should review this information on a regular basis as it is updated frequently due to the ever-changing situation.

Staff continues to monitor communications from the funding agencies, especially the Tri-Council, whose response to the COVID-19 outbreak can be found online. As further information is received, the office will share it with the research community and through its directory.

As usual, the first point of contact on any new project should be the research co-ordinator for the relevant area, who will be working remotely and available by e-mail.

For further information and updates from the University regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, visit

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