Varun Kumar Yacham and Rebecca Burkoski are this year’s recipients of the Alumni Spirit Award.Varun Kumar Yacham and Rebecca Burkoski are this year’s recipients of the Alumni Spirit Award.

Graduating students recognized for dedication to campus volunteering

Each year a graduating student from the International Student Centre and the LEAD volunteer program are selected to receive the Alumni Spirit Award, sponsored by Alumni Affairs and Donor Communications, recognizing their dedication to their volunteer roles at the university. This year’s recipients are Varun Kumar Yacham and Rebecca Burkoski.

During his time with the International Student Centre, Yacham demonstrated leadership and dedication to supporting the transition of international students to the University, to student life and to Canadian culture. He has been very much connected to International students through student clubs and in his role as assistant co-ordinator of Volunteer International Students Assistance (VISA). He is also past vice-president events for the Indian Student Association and was the international liaison for UWindsor Relay for Life.

“Varun continues to be a strong advocate for international students,” says Beth Oakley, director of the International Student Centre. “He is responsible and accountable and represents international students and the University of Windsor in a very positive way.”

Burkoski displayed exemplary dedication to the LEAD program while maintaining excellent academic standing throughout her four years. Since her first year at the University of Windsor, she has been a vital part of LEAD and very quickly became a role model for other LEAD volunteers. She has been an exceptional asset to LEAD, displaying tremendous initiative and leadership to ensure all programs were run smoothly and efficiently.

“Rebecca has a remarkable ability to see a vision through to completion and has a tremendous sense of community-building that empowers others to let their leadership skills shine,” says Cindy Crump, director of the Student Success and Leadership Centre.

—Sarah Racinsky