Pandemic forces delay in retirees’ dinner

Social distancing measures put in place by the province to combat the spread of COVID-19 have forced the University to cancel this year’s Faculty and Staff Retirement Dinner, says special events manager Mary-Ann Rennie.

“During normal times, we would have held the event on Nov. 5, honouring 42 campus colleagues who have retired or soon will be retiring from the University of Windsor,” she says. “Unfortunately, this year is anything but normal, and due to COVID-19, we have been forced to cancel this year’s dinner to follow the guidelines limiting the size of these types of events.”

She is planning to resume the annual tradition next year.

“With that in mind, 2020 retirees will be invited to the 2021 event so that we can properly recognize and honour them for their tremendous contributions that they have made to the University of Windsor over the years,” Rennie says.

This year’s class of retirees includes:

  • Vladimir Bajic, Economics
  • Connie Beaudoin, Law Library
  • Gloria Bortolin, Schulich School of Medicine
  • John Branov, Facility Services - Building Maintenance
  • David Butcher, Finance
  • Mary Cole, Faculty of Nursing
  • Deborah Dayus, Faculty of Nursing
  • Annette Dufresne, Psychology
  • Kathryn Edmunds, Faculty of Nursing
  • Bruce Elman, Faculty of Law
  • Anne Forrest, Women’s Studies
  • Margaret Glos, Finance - Purchasing Services
  • Marcia Gragg, Psychology
  • Anita Hurwitz, English Language, Literature and Creative Writing
  • Cathie Janisse, Campus Services
  • Karl Jirgens, English Language, Literature and Creative Writing
  • Patricia Jolie, Student Counselling Centre
  • Robert Kent, School of Computer Science
  • Heather Krohn, Faculty of Nursing
  • Cathy Ladouceur, Campus Bookstore
  • Gary Lariviere, Facility Services - Maintenance Services
  • Margaret Mayer, School of the Environment
  • Laurie McGhee, CAW Student Centre
  • Josette Reaume, Communication, Media and Film
  • Glenn Rideout, Faculty of Education
  • Joanne Sabourin, Residence Services
  • Geraldine Salinitri, Faculty of Education
  • Alison Samson, Faculty of Graduate Studies
  • John Simard, School of Creative Arts
  • Yvonne Sinasac, Office of Student Experience
  • Jang Singh, Odette School of Business
  • Arpa Smith, Information Technology Services - Client Support and Services
  • Jerry Sokolowski, Mechanical, Automotive & Materials Engineering
  • Debbie Squillaro, Faculty of Law
  • Elizabeth Starr, Faculty of Education
  • Gregory Stathis, Facility Services - Maintenance Services
  • Gayle Tait, Faculty of Education
  • Barbara Tattersall, Mechanical, Automotive and Materials Engineering
  • Cheryl Thomas, Psychology
  • Cheryl Tir, Campus Bookstore
  • Alan Trenhaile, School of the Environment
  • James Winter, Communication, Media and Film