Maheen ArshadMaheen Arshad will discuss careers in genetic counselling in an interactive presentation on Thursday, Feb. 11.

Presentation to introduce careers in genetic counselling

Are you an undergraduate student unsure of what career path to follow? Are you interested in learning about a unique career in the sciences?

If you said yes to these questions, join Maheen Arshad (BSc 2020) for an interactive presentation on Thursday, Feb. 11, to learn about the career of a genetic counsellor.

Genetic counsellors are healthcare professionals with specialized education in medical genetics and psychosocial counselling to provide personalized advice to patients as they make decisions about their genetic health.

Most genetic counselors work in a clinical setting alongside a team of healthcare professionals including physicians, nurse practitioners, psychologists, occupational therapists and more. They may provide general care or specialize in areas such as pediatrics, cancer, prenatal, cardiovascular, neurology and others.

Arshad, a graduate of the UWindsor program in behaviour, cognition, and neuroscience, is currently pursuing Master’s studies at Wayne State University’s Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics.

Attend her presentation in MS-Teams at 7 p.m. Thursday to learn more about the profession of genetic counselling. To receive an invitation, email

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