architect's rendering law commonsThe new commons area of the University of Windsor's law school, with maximized daylight and views, will improve navigation through the building.

National newspaper hails law school makeover

An article published Feb. 9 in the Globe and Mail newspaper details the makeover of the UWindsor law school building to help move legal education into the 21st century.

In “Transforming a ’70s law school to reflect changing student and social demographics,” author David Israelson notes that the Ron W. Ianni Faculty of Law Building opened in 1970 and was designed to reflect the faculty’s philosophy of teaching law as an agent of change.

“The building served us well for a half-century. It reflected how we want to be a different kind of law school, and we don’t want to change that,” says dean of law Christopher Waters. “We do want it to be more modern, more welcoming and more accessible.”

Duncan Higgins, lead architect for the $30 million renovation project, says the structure is designed to recognize reconciliation and a new relationship with Indigenous people.

“The new building is going to retain the sharp and bold exterior of the old one,” says Dr. Waters. “On the inside, it will be much warmer and more accepting.”

Read “Transforming a ’70s law school to reflect changing student and social demographics” on the Globe website.

Find more information about the project, including architectural renderings, construction timelines, and fundraising details, on the Transforming Windsor Law website.

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