logo: Bingo4HealthRegister your team now for the Bingo4Health wellness competition.

Line up a squad for the Bingo4Health challenge

Do you have your team ready for the upcoming Bingo4Health wellness competition?

“We all know competition breeds success, and success this time around comes in the form of holistic wellness,” says organizer Mona Sleiman.

She invites UWindsor colleagues to recruit and register a team this weekend as the Week 1 challenges start Monday.

“The challenges aren’t time-consuming or intimidating,” she notes. “Our hope is that everyone will find the activities fun and engaging.”

Each day of the week represents a different theme, with the initial set featuring:

  • Power down Monday, turn off your cellphone from 7 to 8 p.m.
  • Face-to-face Tuesday, schedule a virtual break with a co-worker over MS Teams
  • Hydrate Wednesday, drink a minimum of eight glasses of water
  • Run-walk-roll Thursday, spend 20 minutes touring your neighbourhood
  • Om Friday, mediate for five minutes

There are five points per individual up for grabs, meaning 25 points in total available for each team. The group with the most points over the four weeks will receive a luncheon, compliments of the Office of the President.

“Do you and your team have what it takes to finish atop this faculty and staff wellness challenge?” Sleiman asks. “Join the Psych Sistas, Nacho Average Squad, and the Leddy Library’s Dubious Dabbers by signing up for Bingo4Health today.”

Find all the details, including rules, team tracking sheets, and online registration, on the Bingo4Health website.