graphic highlighting hashtag #OEweekThe Office of Open Learning offers a student perspective on the change to digital instruction for Open Education Week.

Workshop series to explore student experience of online learning

A group of co-op students working with the Office of Open Learning has prepared a series of short workshop sessions conveying the student experience in response to learning online.

All three student-led sessions will be available for free to UWindsor faculty, staff, and students during Open Education Week, March 1 to 5.

The student group will present three 45-minute workshops, focusing on the topics: flipped classrooms and open resources, Chegg and open pedagogy, and the emerging topic of Ungrading. Follow along on social media through the week with a student takeover of the @UWinOpenLearn Twitter account, and by following the hashtag #OEWeek.

In complement to the student perspective, learning specialist Dave Cormier of the Office of Open Learning will host a session March 3 focused on Confronting Chegg with Open Pedagogy.

"The fight against online homework support is a war we aren’t going to win,” says Cormier. “We need a different solution.”

This session, presented through Zoom at 3 p.m. Wednesday, is open to the public. Registrants through the Open Learning Workshop database will receive a link to join.

Attending the sessions will also give participants priority access to an eBook written from the student perspective on the effects of the digital classroom, through the lens of a variety of different disciplines. Digital Classrooms: The Student Perspective focuses on opportunities students have identified in the current digital education environment to improve student engagement and provides strategies which can be incorporated into design and delivery of technology-enhanced education.

Register now for any or all of the week’s workshop activities though the Open Learning Workshop database.