blue figure surrounded by equationsWorkshops starting next week will introduce users to software tools EquatIO and Read&Write.

Webinars to introduce free tools for literacy and digital math

The University of Windsor has purchased licences for everyone at the University (students, staff, faculty, etc.) to have free access to a set of premium tools.

Workshops are being offered for anyone who wants to learn how to use these tools. Sign up at the following link:

Read&Write is a suite of software tools designed to assist in the areas of research, studying, and of course, reading and writing. Whether used in conjunction with Google Chrome or as a standalone application, Read&Write can convert spoken notes or assignments into text, as well as read text and PDF files aloud. This application is also helpful with Blackboard exams, online journal articles, e-mails, and typed assignments.

EquatIO is an ideal tool for anyone looking for digital math tools. You can take a picture of written math and convert it to digital, editable equations, or if you prefer, just handwrite in the app itself and it will convert it to digital. The screenshot function will take any math on the web and make it accessible and editable. You can even speak your equations aloud and have them created. Of course, there is also a more traditional equation editor (LaTeX is supported, too) with a prediction feature to finish your equations, chemical symbols, and more. Some additional free features include a scientific calculator, an interactive periodic table, an interactive molecular viewer, a graph creator and editor, and an online space to work with interactive shapes.

Learn more about these tools on the website of the Office of Open Learning.