soccer ball bearing Lancer logoLancer soccer will run four miles, every four hours, for 48 hours, March 5 to 7, to raise money for a scholarship fund for BIPOC kinesiology students.

Soccer squads take up challenge to support scholarship

Varsity student-athletes from the Lancer men’s and women’s soccer teams are seeking support from UWindsor alumni, friends, and the community for an ultramarathon session this week to raise funds for the University of Windsor human kinetics VOICES of Excellence scholarship.

The Lancers are participating in the David Goggins 4x4x48 Challenge: running four miles, every four hours, for 48 hours, March 5 to 7. They have broken themselves into groups, and each group will complete the 48 total miles.

Additionally, head coaches Ryan Mendonca and Daniel Mendonca and assistant coach James Lanbourne will each complete the 48 miles individually.

The scholarship, intended to foster Visibility, Outreach, Inclusion, Community, Equity, and Sustainability, is aimed at kinesiology students who self-identify as Black or Indigenous. The Blue and Gold have already raised more than $10,000 in pledges, says Ryan Mendonca.

“With our recent education initiatives surrounding anti-racism, we saw an opportunity to take lessons learned and turn them into action,” he said. “We believe that we can make a difference at our school and in society, for today and for the future. This is our first step, our first action. This is who we are as Lancer soccer.”

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