Law professor Sujith XavierLaw professor Sujith Xavier will explore issues around racial bias in Canada’s courts in a study funded by the Canadian Foundation for Legal Research.

Law professor to explore racial bias in legal system

In Canadian courts, who gets to decide if race-based biases are likely to impact a legal outcome? More importantly, when is it appropriate to raise allegations of bias?

Windsor law professor Sujith Xavier will analyze these questions in his latest research project: “Who Gets to Decide? A Detailed Survey of Canadian Jurisprudence on Recusal Motions on Bias, Race & Decision Makers.”

Funded by the Canadian Foundation for Legal Research, Dr. Xavier will study the effects of recusal motions on predisposition to an outcome over the second half of this year with the help of a Windsor Law student researcher.

“Working closely with a law student will provide in-depth doctrinal research training and mentorship,” says Xavier. “I am thrilled that I am able to continue my research on the impact of racism and white supremacy in Canadian courts.”

Associate dean for research and graduate studies Laverne Jacobs adds: “Windsor Law is pleased that Dr. Xavier has received funding from the Canadian Foundation for Legal Research. Research on recusals can be beneficial to many areas of the justice system.”

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