Author Trey AnthonyAuthor Trey Anthony is the keynote speaker for “Celebrating Women Who Inspire Us,” Wednesday, May 5.

May 5 event to celebrate inspiring women philanthropists

A May 5 event promises to celebrate the inspiring power of women philanthropists in our community, while supporting local youth through the On Track to Success program of the United Way.

On Track to Success changes the odds for students in need by offering supports to help them graduate high school and go on to post-secondary education.

“It’s a wonderful cause and I am sure many of our UWindsor colleagues will want to join us,” says Sheri Lowrie, co-chair of the campus campaign for United Way. She is a member of Women United, host of the annual “Celebrating Women Who Inspire Us” event, taking the form this year of a livestream.

Guest speaker Trey Anthony is the writer of the hit play and television show Da Kink in My Hair and author of Black Girl in Love (with Herself): A Guide to Self-Love, Healing, and Creating the Life You Truly Deserve.

Attendees may join pre-show gathering at 11:30 a.m. followed by the program from noon to 1 p.m. Admission requires a minimum $25 donation. Find details and register here.