April Morris with paint and brushesApril Morris is the instructor for the Continuing Education course, “Abstract Art.”

Art course allows for abstract exploration

UWindsor’s continuing education programs offer alumni and individuals within Windsor the opportunity to continue their educations after they’ve graduated, with a wide range of career-building courses in various subjects.

One of the courses offered this semester is “Abstract Art,” taught by April Morris.

Due to COVID-19, each class is held online in a virtual classroom, with Morris working in her home studio space. She starts every lesson with a presentation reviewing the weekly topics for the course and demonstrates what will be explored that day.

Her instruction focuses on the process of making art rather than the final product. Exploring different techniques inspires her students to be brave in following their instincts and to push the boundaries of painting to discover their own techniques or sense of style.

Morris says her own artwork is inspired by walking. When creating, she allows her thoughts to flow in a manner similar to how walking feels. She instills this process in her teaching as well, asking students to collect images and objects from nature for inspiration.

Before teaching techniques, she invites students to freely express themselves through material exploration and asks them to consider: “What are the materials you like? What colours do you like? What are the things you get excited about painting?”

—Bridget Heuvel