antique typewriterA session Friday, April 30, will provide information for students interested in taking classes in creative writing.

Session to provide information on creative writing

An information session Friday, April 30, for students interested in taking classes in creative writing is open to majors in any discipline.

Hosted by professors Louis Cabri and Nicole Markotić, the event will discuss the applications process for admission to creative writing courses starting with the six-credit, two-term intro “Creative Writing I,” including:

  • how to prepare a portfolio of your creative writing by the May 24 deadline;
  • what do instructors expect, and how are the weekly classes conducted;
  • how does one critique others during a workshop seminar, and what sorts of writing should be submitted;
  • what range of courses and degree options are offered.

Friday’s meeting will run on MS Teams beginning at 1 p.m. To receive the invitation to participate, email Dr. Cabri, the program chair, at He invites attendees to prepare questions and view readings by current students at the April 9 gala.