UWindsor executive chef Paolo VasapolliUWindsor executive chef Paolo Vasapolli is the subject of a profile on the website of Ontario’s Culinary Tourism Alliance.

Campus chef merits profile by culinary industry group

Providing the best possible dining experience for students is his favourite part of being the University of Windsor’s executive chef, Paolo Vasapolli told the Culinary Tourism Alliance in an interview earlier this year.

The organization was established in 2006 to promote food tourism on behalf of the Ontario government.

“I know the perception out there is that university food isn’t good — it’s cafeteria-style,” Vasapolli said, but he has aimed at a higher standard. “Things like butternut squash ravioli with parmesan foam and lobster tail dinners — food that you could actually plate but that was being put onto a buffet.”

The profile notes that Windsor is the first university in the province to earn Feast On certification for its commitment to sourcing and serving ingredients grown in Ontario.

“Gaining that recognition for supporting local makes us feel proud and highlights all of the work that we’ve tried to do over the past few years,” Vasapolli said. “I know that providing local products is a huge thing for some of our students, so getting certified also means a lot to them.”

He discusses his outreach efforts to campus patrons as well as some of his personal preferences for food preparation and dining. Read the entire piece on the Culinary Tourism website.