computer screen displaying Microsoft ExcelThe Continuing Education course “Introduction to Microsoft Excel” dives into fundamentals of the spreadsheet program.

Introductory course in Microsoft Excel to start mid-August

Continuing Education is offering an “Introduction to Microsoft Excel” course that dives into fundamentals of using the spreadsheet program and provides practical lessons for daily use.

Emphasis is placed on practicality by employing tutorials and using the framework for a business case to illustrate the real-world application of the course content. Participants will also learn the principles of data collection and analysis, building functional spreadsheets, Excel tools, and macros.

Participants can expect to complete a combination of short assignments and activities during the course. Regular online participation is also required for successful completion.

UWindsor alumnus Connor Hasegawa (BComm 2018), the course instructor, is a partner at Futurelab, a Windsor-based consulting firm. Hasegawa has participated in substantial Excel-related course redesign at the Odette School of Business, and has developed and taught Excel tutorials there over several years.

The course runs Aug. 16 to 20, from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Find details on the Continuing Education website.