Walksafe vest and T-shirtWalksafe volunteers escort students, faculty, employees, and visitors across campus at night.

Service promises safe travels on campus at night

The Walksafe program ensures that everyone feels safe travelling on the UWindsor campus after dark.

Organized by the University of Windsor Students’ Alliance, the service is free for all students, faculty, employees, and visitors. Volunteers will escort anyone to their car or home.

To request a walk, just do any of the following:

  1. Dial 0 (ext. 0) or call ext. 3504 from any University of Windsor phone.
  2. Press the “Walksafe” button on any Bell Payphone on campus.
  3. Ask a Walksafe volunteer who is already on duty.

 Find more information on the Walksafe program page.

If you have any questions about Walksafe, contact the program co-ordinator at walksafe@uwindsor.ca or call 519-253-3000, ext. 3504.