Erin ShieldsErin Shields will discuss her approach to adapting classical works for the modern stage in a public webinar Oct. 28.

Playwright to discuss adapting classical works for modern audiences

Playwright, actor, and educator Erin Shields will discuss how she adapts classical texts for the contemporary stage in a free public webinar Thursday, Oct. 28.

University Players is currently performing her work If We Were Birds, an uncompromising examination of the horrors of war. It draws on Ovid’s ancient tragedy of the sisters Procne and Philomela, forced into silence by cruel King Tereus.

Shields’ work highlights the negation or misrepresentation of women in classical stories by adapting them for a modern audience through an intersectional feminist lens.

Her presentation begins at 1 p.m. on Microsoft Teams; register here to attend.

The event is hosted by the Humanities Research Group as part of Humanities Week.

At noon today — Oct. 27 —Julie Young, Canada Research Chair in Critical Border Studies, presents “I just crossed the border, I didn’t make a crime: Building a counter-archive of the Canada-U.S. Border.”

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