Monarch butterfly emerging from chrysalisChange can bring on stress and a range of emotions including sadness.

Tips a map to navigating change

Even though change is the one constant in life, adjusting to a new normal can be challenging, acknowledges Human Resources

In a message sent Monday to UWindsor faculty and staff, it shares some tips to help navigate change and transition:

  • Acknowledge that things are changing. Focus attention on the aspects of the change that you can control.
  • Realize that even good change can cause stress. Remind yourself that stress is your body’s way of reacting to change; it’s OK to feel stressed even when something good has happened.
  • Maintain regular routines as much as possible. Structure and routine can be comforting in the midst of change.
  • See the positives that have come from this change. Instead of concentrating on the negative aspects of change, look for ways things may have become better.
  • Vent, but to a point. Having a support group to whom you can vent can be helpful if the conversation also focuses on action.

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