lamp with red ribbon tied roundA message from Human Resources suggests ways to beat the post-holiday blues.

Tips suggest ways to fight post-holiday blues

After the holidays, it is normal to experience post-holiday depression, typically characterized by sadness, insomnia, low energy, irritability, difficulty concentrating, and anxiousness.

In a message sent Monday to UWindsor faculty and staff, Human Resources shares tips to help manage the post-holiday blues and bring the glow back into life:

  • Call someone. Think about someone that you enjoy being around, talking to, or care about, and give them a call rather than texting them. Connecting with people can provide a much-needed boost.
  • Incorporate physical activity into your day. Going for a walk or engaging in your favourite exercise routine can help boost your mood and relieve stress.
  • Look forward, not backward. Identify one realistic goal that you would like to focus on in the new year and make a plan to bring it into being. Celebrate each step accomplished.
  • Take care of yourself. Re-establish healthy lifestyle practices such as quality sleep and a nutrient-dense diet to help manage post-holiday sadness and get back on track.
  • Be patient and go easy on yourself. Post-holiday blues won’t stick around forever. Be kind to yourself and exercise self-compassion.

If symptoms persist or become unmanageable, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional. Go to the UWindsor Employee and Family Assistance Program website to access services, resources, and supports.

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