Scrabble tiles reading "Pause. Breathe. Resume."Human Resources shares tips to help deal with stress.

Tips support mental health and wellness

When it comes to managing stress, it’s important to remember that our well-being is what matters most.

In a message sent Monday to UWindsor faculty and staff, Human Resources shares strategies to help find the way through challenging times:

  • Practise self-awareness. Get purposeful about taking a few moments throughout each day for mindful check-ins to help you feel more grounded.
  • Prioritize the basics. To help your body and mind function at their best and manage stress, take care of yourself first and meet those basic needs for sleep, hydration, exercise, and nutrition.
  • Create a coping plan. Be proactive and develop a coping plan that you can use to help you bring in the right support when you need it most.
  • Soothe your nervous system. Use coping strategies such as slow, deep breathing, singing, meditation, or connecting with others to help shift your body from stress to calm.
  • Meet yourself with kindness. Shift your inner dialogue away from self-criticism by practising self-compassion.

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