cars covered in snowHuman Resources shares tips for safe driving in winter conditions.

Human Resources issues reminder on safe winter driving

Last week’s snowfall prompted Human Resources to remind UWindsor employees to prepare for more of the same and consider conditions before hitting the road.

In a message sent Monday to faculty and staff, the department shares tips for staying safe while driving in winter:

  • Ensure that you have a well-stocked winter driving kit, which should include such items as a blanket, extra clothing, First Aid kit, snack bars or other emergency food and water, matches, and emergency candles.
  • Clear your car of ice and snow to ensure clear visibility from the driver’s seat. Brush off all the windows, the hood, taillights and headlights.
  • Plan your route. Stay on main roads to avoid unplowed and unsalted road conditions.
  • Stay composed and controlled when slippery. While driving on ice-covered roads, never brake hard or accelerate while turning a corner.
  • Keep a safe distance between vehicles to maintain enough space and time to brake safely.

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