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goods for homeless peopleStaff and residents of Canterbury College assembled 65 “survival kits” for distribution to unhoused residents of Windsor.

Canterbury reaches out to unhoused neighbours

Having big homes is not important, but having big hearts always is, says Mohammed Ehsan Ur Rahman.

A master’s student of computer science, he was one of the Canterbury College residents who donated to a campaign to collect goods for distribution to Windsor’s unhoused residents.

“It has become more important than ever to support the homeless, not only because they are growing in number due to the pandemic but also because ourselves working from home never realize that some of us don’t have even a home,” Rahman says.

Volunteers among Canterbury residents and staff assembled “survival kits” containing hats, mittens, scarves, socks, tissues, face masks, snack foods, and coffee shop gift cards, and attached tarps for use as blankets or shelter from the elements.

A total of 65 kits were delivered to two organizations in Windsor that support at-risk and homeless individuals: the Windsor Youth Centre and the support centre in Windsor Water World.

Rahman says he wishes he could do more but hopes the effort makes a difference.

“I believe just seeing and acknowledging suffering helps,” he says. “There are many people who are having conditions worse than ourselves.”