Thomas Kennedy makes a play over a defenderLancer basketball forward Thomas Kennedy received an all-star nod from Ontario University Athletics.

Cagers earn provincial honours

Ontario University Athletics conferred honours on three Lancer basketball players last week, naming Thomas Kennedy a first-team all-star, and granting all-rookie status to Lorenzo Barbieri and Mariame Dehkissia.

Kennedy’s 1,043 career points ranks him ninth all-time in Lancer men’s basketball. He led the league this season with 244 – 104 more than the runner-up.

Barbieri had 22 steals in 15 games, averaging seven points and 3.3 rebounds. Read the full story on the Lancer men at

In her first season with the Lancer women’s squad, Dehkissia led the team in points: 151, and points per game: 9.4.

Head coach Chantal Vallée had appointed Dehkissia a team captain, and noted her play merited the all-rookie selection.

“This recognition is very deserving for her hard work on the court and for the work she has done off the floor to help us feel that this was a fulfilling season,” Vallée said.

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