shelves of booksThe Leddy Library invites faculty to review its lists of print books being considered for withdrawal.

Library encourages faculty to assist in print collection review

Beginning in June, faculty members across the University will have the opportunity to review lists of print books that are being considered for withdrawal from the Leddy Library collection.

The Leddy Library Collection Review and Deselection Project began in 2020 and has been underway during the pandemic. Librarians have conducted qualitative and quantitative analysis in evaluating the print circulating books in their respective subject areas, resulting in carefully curated lists of titles suitable for removal from the collection.

“We acknowledge that withdrawing books from the library collection can be controversial, but deselection is a normal and necessary activity for the ongoing maintenance and stewardship of a healthy and relevant library collection,” said University Librarian Selinda Berg.

To assure transparency and provide an opportunity for feedback, title lists will be divided and posted across two phases starting June 1. Faculty members will have the opportunity review the lists and submit requests for titles to be retained in the library collection or to request ownership of titles.

Phase one will run from June 1 to Aug. 31 and phase two from Sept. 1 to Dec. 31. Faculty members will be alerted by email when lists for their academic area are posted for review.

Further information regarding the project background, methodology, and FAQs is available on the project website.